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More than just Watching TV

Your TV has become so much more over the past decade. There are hundreds of more channels and beyond that there are also Movies and Games you can watch/play all from the comfort of your home.

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Your gateway to entertainment

Satellite TV Receivers

The days of the big satellite dishes are gone and the new Direct To Home (DTH) dishes is what you see on the sides of homes and on the rooftops of businesses in your area. Click HERE for more information.

The bottom line on PVR's

Personal Video Recorders are not to be confused with the traditional VCR's of the past. They are your gateway to a whole host of entertainment options and there are some considerations you should think about before you buy or rent one. Click HERE for more information.

What's ON TV now!

Become a member and find out what time your favorite show are going to come on. Advanced features include show reminder emails so you never miss a thing! Click HERE to find out more.

Rent Movies Online

Pay per View is not a new concept, however the new kid on the block is streaming videos from the Internet and watching them on your home theater system! Click Here to find out More

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Online Movie Rentals

As technology advances, our options in home movie viewing are rapidly increasing. Gone are the days when movies took months to arrive at your local video rental outlet once […]

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